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CSTS Survey Coordinator

Instructions and Checklist

2019-2020 California Student Tobacco Survey (CSTS)

CSTS Survey Coordinator

As the liaison between the CSTS Project Team at UCSD and all who proctor and participate at your school, your role is critical to the successful administration of the CSTS. Our goal is to work with you to make administering the CSTS as simple as possible.

We truly appreciate the extra time and effort it takes to arrange survey logistics, train the proctors, and monitor survey implementation.

Please know that the UCSD-CSTS Project Team is always available to assist you. A UCSD-CSTS Specialist has been assigned to your school. You may contact them directly or reach any of our staff via or 858-300-1088.

Thank you very much!

Preparing for Survey Administration

  • You identify the course the survey will be administered in, select a survey window, and provide other information needed to plan for administration via an online form.
  • Your UCSD-CSTS Specialist sends you necessary materials to administer the survey (hard copy and electronically).
  • You ensure that teachers and/or proctors receive training on survey administration.
  • You ensure that consent forms are sent home with students at least 1 week before the survey
  • Your UCSD-CSTS Specialist emails you your school’s unique survey link, to share with the teachers/proctors who will administer the survey.

During Your Survey Window

  • Teachers/proctors administer the survey in the designated course over the 2-week period and submit Online Participation Logs on the day(s) that their class sections surveyed.
  • Your UCSD-CSTS Specialist monitors incoming data and follows-up with you to verify discrepant or missing data/logs, as needed.

After the Survey

  • You confirm that your school has finished administering the survey and coordinate with your UCSD-CSTS Specialist to schedule your school’s return of materials.
  • Be sure to review the instructions below.
  • Click the icon on right if you need a printable checklist.
  • Contact the CSTS team if you have any questions.

Instructions for Survey Coordinator

Step 1.  Complete the Online CSTS Administration Form 

  • To prepare for the survey, we need some critical information about your school’s administration plans: your school’s survey dates, the required course(s) you will administer the survey in, etc.

Step 2.  Download & Complete the CSTS Class Section Breakdown 

  • On the Administration Form, you will be asked to provide a breakdown of EACH class section administering the survey via a downloadable spreadsheet (CSTS Class Section Breakdown)
    • To include: the teacher name, teacher email, class name, period, and the # of students enrolled per grade for EACH participating class section.
  • Please send this completed spreadsheet to at your earliest convenience.

Step 3.   Receive Necessary Materials from Your UCSD-CSTS Specialist

  • Upon completing Steps 1 & 2, your UCSD-CSTS Specialist will send you the materials you need to administer the survey (hard copy and electronically).
  • Materials will include: the survey for reference, consent forms (hard copies available by request), a link to an oral assent script for proctors, envelopes for teachers/proctors to collect signed parental consent forms, and training materials.

Step 4.  Review & Distribute Teacher/Proctor Training Materials 

In addition to reviewing this CSTS Survey Coordinator Checklist, please review and distribute the Teacher/Proctor Training Checklist.     

The Teacher/Proctor Training Checklist includes:

  • A training video with instructions on the consent form protocol, how to proctor the survey, and the day-of information to collect from teachers (must submit 1 Online Participation Log for each class section surveyed).
    • If YouTube is blocked at your school, please let us know and we will send you the video file.
  • A Survey Preview Link so staff may familiarize themselves with the online survey in advance.

Step 5.  Provide Parental Consent Forms to Teachers

  • If teachers will be sending the Parental Consent Forms home with their students, please provide the forms to those teachers.
  • If you will be distributing the Parental Consent Forms, please see Step 6.

Step 6.  Send Home Parental Consent Forms 

  • Parental Consent Forms should be sent home with students at least 1 week before the survey.

Step 7.  Provide the Student Survey Link to Teachers/Proctors

  • Your UCSD-CSTS Specialist will send you your school’s unique student survey link 1 week before the survey start date.
    • Please ensure that all teacher/proctors receive this link.
    • It is important that you provide us with accurate and complete information about the teachers whose classes will be administering the survey. Within the survey, students will select the period # and teacher’s name of the class section they are taking the survey in.
    • It is IMPORTANT that ONLY STUDENTS use the student survey link (teachers/proctors may use the Preview Link to familiarize themselves with the survey).

Step 8.  Remind Teachers/Proctors to Administer the Survey, Read Aloud the Oral Assent Script, and Complete their Online Participation Logs 

  • Proctors should read the Oral Assent Script aloud before students survey
  • Teachers/proctors should submit 1 Online Participation Log for EACH class section surveyed during or immediately after proctoring the survey.

Step 9.  Work with Your UCSD-CSTS Specialist to Verify Missing/Discrepant Data and Obtain a Strong Response Rate

  • We will monitor incoming data and Online Participation Logs to track your school’s participation.
  • We will follow up to verify any missing or discrepant data.
  • In order for your school to obtain valid, representative data, it is important that ALL designated class sections participate.
  • A minimum response rate of 70% is strongly recommended.

Step 10. Collect Returned Signed Parental Consent Forms

  • Collect any signed parental consent forms from the participating class sections (teachers should retain consents received from different class sections in the separate envelopes provided by UCSD).

Step 11. Return Materials to UCSD

  • Email your UCSD-CSTS Specialist to confirm that your school has finished administering the survey and to request a UPS return label.
  • Let your UCSD-CSTS Specialist know when you would like to schedule a UPS pickup to mail the consent forms back to UCSD.
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